About BDSM Holidays


Live out the ultimate slave fantasy!

Come and visit beautiful New Zealand - world famously known as 'Middle Earth'  to be kept as the lowly slave of the beautifully wicked and intelligently sadistic Mistress Morgan Domme.


The Sex Industry in New Zealand was decriminalized 2003!

Your holiday is fully legal!  Unlike in other countries where you can be charged and receive a criminal conviction.    


What can you expect?

The unexpected.

Mistress Morgan prefers TPE - Total Power Exchange but does consider those with specific requests.

Full BDSM play history must be disclosed before you will be accepted for a holiday.  All levels of experienced are catered for so newbies welcome.


Feel like a piece of meat - terrified and uncomfortable - used like never before!

At the mercy of Mistress Morgan Domme.  


Can't Afford? Mistress provides payment options because all woman know men can't control their spending habits!

Because men - are stupid creatures - especially when it comes to money - Mistress provides a variety of payment options which allow dumb fucks like you to pay your holiday off!  While it looks like you are just paying something nondescript - if you need that level of discretion.  

Miss Morgan can also provide receipts to make your trip look business related so you can claim it back as a business expense.  



In the words of Mistress Morgan Domme

All the men of Kiwiland recognize woman as superior - even our Prime Minister is a woman.  And she's our third!

Nobody lives here in Kiwiland.  We are vastly unpopulated.  Plus we're mostly racist  - especially in the South Island - so if you're not of European decent - even better!  And if you look like a faggot, someone is bound to call you one in the street, should I let you out alone as a punishment.  If I'm really in a good mood,  I'll be dropping you cross dressed in an area of high Pacific Island decent where you'll be mistaken for a white fa'afafine, adopted by a local family with no girls, then taken back to their place, to clean your new home and cook everyone dinner.

The Catholic Church sex scandal hasn't hit NZ yet either so chances are high you'll get molested by a priest - when Mistress Morgan takes you to confess, you filthy little shit.   You'll be as popular as the local red light district since street walking, in certain parts of the country, is also decriminalised.    

In upcoming hopeful developments, you'll be able to smoke weed without fear of arrest and if you get an incurable disease in the future,  by then I'll be so sick of your ugly face that I'll happily kill you since euthanasia should be legal here by then too.

Boring Tourists Stuff 

New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean consisting of 2 main islands, both marked by volcanoes and glaciation. Capital Wellington, on the North Island, is home to Te Papa Tongarewa, the expansive national museum. Wellington’s dramatic Mt. Victoria, along with the South Island Fiordland and Southern Lakes, stood in for mythical Middle Earth in Peter Jackson’s "Lord of the Rings" films.

If by some Act of God you are a man who hasn't wasted all his money

Here are a some links to sites containing information about other New Zealand Tourism





I look forward to taking your money, then making your life hell in beautiful New Zealand.

See you soon


PS You better bring me some fucking presents when you visit.

PPS They better be good ones.

How to Apply for a holiday

Send Miss Morgan an email


Contents to include:

Name, dates of stay, location of choice, age, weight, race, sexual orientation, BDSM history/experience, any health conditions/problems, hard limits, likes, dislikes, preferred contact and payment methods.

You may include 2 photos with your email but NO videos, links to websites and/or social media.  

Pay the $150 NZ interview fee


A request to pay the Interview fee is sent, upon receiving and reading your email - this cost is taken off your holiday fees.  

This is charged due to the overwhelming number of applications received.

You do not have to pay this initial fee if you have sessioned with Mistress Morgan before.

Chat with Miss Morgan


Using your preferred contact methods, Mistress Morgan will clarify the information you've provided and discuss the holiday's finer details .

An email confirming your acceptance and the financial cost is sent to you..

You confirm the holiday by paying a 20% deposit  within 5 working days

Contact Mistress Morgan Domme

BDSM Holidays New Zealand

Phone/text: +6427 212 6833 Email: mistressmorgannz@gmail.com

Contact hours

10am - 8pm, 7 days

NZ Time

PAYing for your holiday

Travel Costs

10% of travel costs will not be refunded if the holiday is cancelled by the slave. 

Any travel that has been included in the holiday costs, will not be booked until the travel costs are fully paid for.  

Credit Card/Paypal/Bank Transfer

You can pay the remaining balance as a full amount OR you can  make regular payments via bank transfer/Paypal/Credit Card.

NZ and Aus bank accounts for transfers

Vanilla non descript Paypal account for Paypal and Credit Card payments


 Mistress Morgan prefers to receive cash payments only by prior arrangement.

Please notify her if you want to pay for your holiday balance in cash. 

Receipts for business expenses

Please notify Mistress Morgan if you require receipts to enable you to claim your trip/holiday expenses for business purposes. 

An indication of acceptable products/services for your industry is required.